AirCasting is a platform for recording, mapping, and sharing health and environmental data using your smartphone. Each AirCasting session lets you capture real-world measurements, annotate the data to tell your story, and share it via the CrowdMap.

Using the AirCasting Android app, AirCasters can record, map, and share:


Get Started:
Download the AirCasting app and record noise pollution in your neighborhood or place of work.

Don’t have an Android device? Check out the AirCasting maps to see if someone has already contributed data for your area.

Download the AirCasting Air Monitor DIY guide and measure air quality.

Connect the Zephyr HxM or Zephyr BioHarness 3 to the AirCasting app and measure how your heart and breathing respond to your activity level, location, and exposure to noise and air pollution.

Download the AirCasting Luminescent Apparel DIY guide and make a fashion statement with your sensor measurements.

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